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What is Divination?

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge about the future or about the unknown using the earth's natural power, spiritual or supernatural energy. Tarots roots began in Italy - it appears that unwittingly the symbols and artwork originally drawn on the cards resembled that of an ancient Egyptian God who was thought to be able to provide tremendous foresight, and it was in the 18th Century that the cards swiftly gained popularity in the occult communities. Tarot Cards, unlike Oracle Cards, have a certain structure to the way in which they are read, and usually have the same number of cards per deck, with more or less the same symbols and characters depicted. regardless of the maker/designer of the cards. Oracle cards on the other hand tend to be much more free-flowing - packs can consist of as little as 12 cards, and themes can be wide ranging.

As you may be aware there are a significant number of different types of decks of cards on the market today - for beginners to tarot or oracle cards this may seem like a minefield. However, I believe that the reader does not choose the cards; the cards do in fact choose you. 

I have a wide range of cards that i can draw upon for your reading, and the pack we use can vary depending on a wide range of factors including your interests, and your particular queries or concerns. It could be that during the consultation, you yourself are particularly drawn of cards, and it may be that these are most suitable for your reading. Feel free to take a look at the range of cards I have available for use - Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards. Cartomancy is not the only form of divination I use; other options are utilising Runes Stones, and the Pendulum.

Rune stones draw upon the interpretation of Runic symbols to provide insight into areas of your being that may need particular focus. Runic symbols are typically drawn on to stones, and these are chosen by the client at random for the reading. There are however numerous different uses for pendulum dowsing, including healing, cleansing negative energies from a location or person, help to find lost objects/pets/spirits/answers, and to find water/ley lines. A pendulum is usually a metal or crystal/stone object suspended on a chain - the earth's natural energy, combined with your spiritual energy, moves the pendulum to guide you in the right direction. 

Please note that if during your reading, I am unable to get any spiritual messages or guidance from my divination materials, I will inform you to please seek assistance elsewhere, and you will not be charged for the service.

Tarot Card Reading

A typical reading takes around 60 minutes, after the initial up to 10 minute consultation. Face to face or video appointments. A full write up of the reading will also be provided on email. 


Oracle Card Readings

Face to face or video


Card of the Day Reading - one single card - and write up 


Past, Present & Future Reading - three cards - and write up 


6 month 6 card Reading - up to 6 decks selection - and write up


12 month 12 card reading - up to 10 decks - and write up



Face to Face only 

Casting of 5 runes - interpretation of symbols and write up 


Pendulum Dowsing

Help to find lost objects/pets/spirits/answers

Price on enquiry based on circumstances following consultation