Discover Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a form of energy healing, utilising the energy contained within the Earth's beautiful natural crystal formations and precious gemstones. 

To use the energy of the crystals and gemstones, they are placed on the body or around it, or around or under the therapy couch, or can be placed in distilled water to help charge the particles with their energy. Crystals give so much of themselves - I resonate with their vibrational energies which I can sense as tingling or as a warmth radiating from them, they mesmerise and calm with their natural beauty and light catching hypnotic formations. Using crystals over time has, for me, become addictive. 

Science does not currently help to fully understand how things work beyond the realms of time and space as we know it in this physical world, however, everything in the Universe vibrates and is connected on some level. Crystals in particular have strong energetic vibrations because of their Crystalline lattice structure - Superman was definitely onto something with his Crystal Fortress of Solitude! Human beings however have a very complex and fragile vibrational structure which can often become unbalanced. Things like electromagnetism, radiation, or the absorption of negative thoughts patterns from ourselves or others can threaten the integrity of these vibrations. 

When crystals are placed onto our bodies or within our auras, their own steady vibrations slowly start to merge with ours, allowing us to rebalance and reset ourselves. Often I have seen people move to tears, or their body gently shake as the realignment is carried out. 

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Please allow an extra half an hour for your first appointment for the full consultation prior to therapy taking place, charged at £10 (admin fee). Also offered as part of a bespoke package - please contact me for more information.

30 minute session - £20

1 hour session - £30