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Discover Moon Magic Manifestation

I'm sure you will all have heard of the phrase "going with the moon" (meaning the phase of the moon has an influence on an individual's actions/personality), or indeed the word 'lunacy' (odd or stupid behavioural patterns caused by the moon). Well it definitely does! The Moon is said to affect our physical and emotional well-being in many ways, and the 8 annual phases of the Moon each have their own effects on us. You may have found that at certain times of the month, you feel a little depressed, lack energy, or other times you might feel inspired and restless. It is also widely known for a woman's menstrual cycle to be influenced by the phases of the moon!

As the name suggests, Moon Magic Manifestation is about using natural methods to harness and use the energy of the Moon to help manage your own energy and emotions. There are specific rituals and ceremonies that are carried out during each of the moon phases, depending on individual preferences and practices. I log my own moon activities in a diary - my own personal favourite is The Astro Moon Diary 2021, available from Amazon, although there are many other great ones out there if you don't feel like being creative and making your own!

The full moon occurs roughly once a month and is when the Moon appears fully illuminated, shining it's wondrous circle of light down on to us to bask in, symbolising completion, fruition and fullness. The Full Moon is the best time to de-clutter and get rid of old energy. 


After the full moon comes the New Moon, representing the start of a new lunar cycle, and this in turn symbolises new beginnings. The energy of a New Moon can be used to achieve goals, start on a new project, or indeed to set new intentions in motion.

I produce a range of all natural all vegan Moon Magic Elixirs, which you can either add a few drops of to your drink, to your bathtub, or to body lotion etc. to feel the benefits of the Moon's energy! Please visit my SHOP to take a look at the range of elixirs on offer. 

Please also contact me for a consultation on how you can harness and manage the energy of the moon, or to discover how a range of alternative holistic therapies might benefit you.