Morning Brightness Body Spray by Mother Earth Lifestyles

Morning Brightness Body Spray by Mother Earth Lifestyles


For those times when we are up but our bodies do not know it give it a kick start with this invigorating spray. Essential Oils Grapefruit, Wild Orange, Lemon & Bergamot.


50ml glass spray bottle. 

£7.50 including p&p


All of Mother Earth Lifestyles' Room Sprays contain a combination of moon elixirs dependent on the phase & crystal elixir - this will be clearly displayed on every label.


Warning: shake well before use, spray directly into the centre of the room away from eyes & face. Do not spray directly onto naked flames. Exercise precaution if Pregnant or Breastfeeding as some Essential oils should be avoided at these times. Not to be taken internally . A small amount of preservative, which is plant based, has been used to give this product a shelf life of 6 months & to prevent bacterial formation. No artificial additives, colouring or harmful chemicals have been used. The Essential oils used are 100% CPG I use DoTerra & nothing else. Each bottle is made just prior to dispatch to ensure the best possible shelf life for you.

Image is for illustrative purposes only - bottles may differ depending on availability.

Created by myself Mother Earth with oodles of love for you.