Calming Diffuser Blend from Mother Earth Lifestyles

Calming Diffuser Blend from Mother Earth Lifestyles


Woody base serene floral middle crisp top notes. Contains Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils.


2ml glass bottle

£10.99 inc p&p


All blends made with doTerra Essential Oils only. All blends intended for use in a diffuser - not for use internally or topically. 

Operate Diffusers in a well-ventilated room!!!

Pet Health has been taken into consideration in the preparation of these blends. No Oil is used in their preparation that is known to cause harm by Inhalation only. However I have included a warning for the blends where extra precaution is advised. It is solely the responsibility of the pet owner & to exercise an element of care. Do not leave a diffuser unattended or the tops off any Essential Oils. If however your Pet shows signs of nausea whilst diffusing any oil please remove pet from the room & give them a fresh bowl of drinking water.